Why AlveoDeck?

Design Freedom

Flexible design adapts to irregular and curved plan layouts, longer spans and fewer supports. Downstand beams and load bearing walls eliminated.

Reduce Overall Costs

Eliminate beams, reduce column size,
reduction in foundation load directly contributes to lower construction cost. Other indirect cost savings are derived from better housekeeping with significantly less or no form work. Higher productivity which reduces
construction duration.

Optimized Process

Construction process optimized with all M&E services planned ahead before AlveoDeck casting, and therefore reduces alot of unproductive hacking and reworks.

Environmentally Green and Sustainable

One of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable slab system currently available. Reduction in concrete usage and save up to 40 tonnes of CO2 emission for every 1000sqm of AlveoDeck. Alveo-Cell is further researched to include recycled components to put recycled plastic into good use reducing such Bio-undegradable plastic landfill.

Optimized Slab Efficiency

Traditional design has more dead load than usable carrying live load due to poor efficiency in design. AlveoDeck significantly improves Slab efficiency by upto 35%, with much higher carrying capacity or wider span.

Energy Efficient

With streamlined flat slab system, lighting efficiency increase with less shadow cast. Less pressure loss for M&E system, improving operating efficiency. These are the indirect savings through the use of AlveoDeck.

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